Yuva Parivartan addresses the three most important paradoxes confronting the Livelihoods space in India today:

  1. 70% of the population lives in the villages but receive only 30% of the attention & resources
  2. 80% of all youth do not complete school but receive only 20% of the attention
  3. 90% jobs are in the unorganized sectors but they receive only 10% of the attention and resources

The Yuva Parivartan Model attempts to address all 3 in the following manner:

  1. It focuses on 80% out of school youth, trying to provide Livelihoods through its own Centres, Partnership Centres and other Innovative Formats.
  2. Create opportunities in the unorganized and organized sector by providing placement to youth through Placement Assistance.
  3. Provides training for sustainability through farm based occupations through traditional occupations, available resources and Self-Help Groups (SHGs). We are working in the tribal Taluka of Wada (Palghar District) on Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP) and have extended this initiative to Gadchiroli as well.
  4. Prepares youth who are socially challenged through imparting lessons in value education, job preparedness, financial literacy and changing attitude towards responsibility.

Realising the quantum of the number of youth to be skilled as well as to ensure that the skilling happens in a time bound manner to leverage the unique 20 to 25 years' window of opportunity called “Demographic Dividend” available to India, Yuva Parivartan embarked on two “Orbit Changing” initiatives between 2010-16. The first was when Yuva Parivartan scaled up from training 18000 students p.a. to 1,00,000 students in 2012-13. The second orbit change exercise is currently underway to train 2,00,000 youth in 2017-18 and scaling up to training 10,00,000 youth per year in coming years.

The purpose of these orbit changing exercises is also to provide an example to the Social Development Sector that it is possible for NGOs to scale up efficiently and provide Livelihoods at the lowest cost so as to motivate other NGOs to undertake similar work.

A Project by Kherwadi Social Welfare Association