R. A. Mashelkar

"The uniqueness of Yuva Parivartan program is its ability to address the three most important paradoxes confronting the Livelihoods space in the Country today - where 80% of the youth, who do not complete school receive only 20% of the attention; where 90% jobs are in the unorganized sectors, but only 10% of the attention and resources are directed towards unorganized sector and while 70% of the population lives in the villages, only 30% of the attention goes towards rural India. I am sure Yuva Parivartan will inspire many other NGOs to come into the space of skill development and truly help India leverage its demographic dividend."

Mr. R. A. Mashelkar- President of Global Research Alliance and Former Director General, CSIR

"The passion that Kishor and Mrinal have towards the cause and their ability to convert this passion to action on the ground is inspirational. We have been supporting YP over the years in several ways. The partnership with YP has been very rewarding and we will continue to support YP as a part of our CSR program."

N.H. Israni- Chairman, Blue Cross Laboratories Ltd

"From the very first day it was a humbling experience, no doubt it was a different world from the Corporate but I could feel the energy of the people around, the Welcome spirit of engaging me and the aspiration to achieve the goal with Mr. Kishor Kher as the “Mind and the Leader” and Mrs. Mrinalini Kher as the “Heart” of KSWA driving the program. Supporting them is a competent team of professionals, encouraged me to directly engage with the students and I must say teaching “Basic English” to a group of girls and engaging with them directly was a very humbling and enriching experience. I learnt while teaching, a different perspective of life. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity."

Kanheya Mehrotra, Head- Technology Centre, Delhi, GSK (Volunteered-2014 as a part of GSK Pulse Initiative)


"I have been connected with Yuva Parivartan for more than six years. They have been tirelessly working to provide vocational training to the youth. I have visited their training centre for girls at Bandra many times and tried to up-scale their potentialities particularly those who are in the field of beautician and hair designing. Two of the YP girls are now working in a senior position in my parlour. I think YP is doing a great job in our society by making the youth socially productive."

Nalini, Nalini & Yasmeen

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