Yuva Parivartan Vol. 2, May 2012
President's Desk
Dear friends and colleagues,

The response to the first issue of our Newsletter was overwhelming and has motivated us to carry on our efforts with renewed zeal. I would like to express my appreciation for all those associates and coordinators who are working tirelessly across various livelihood formats all over India to make a difference to society by training thousands of school dropouts everyday. At YuvaParivartan, our endeavours are directed to improve ourselves everyday.

With the vision to reach out to the world and provide sustainable development to the school dropouts in a wider geography, Yuva Parivartan plans to step out beyond India`s boundary, and efforts are underway to form a collaborative unit in the neighbouring countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos etc .

In the homeland, to extend our reach and work beyond the confinements of urban and semi-urban areas, we have started pilot programs in some tribal areas of Maharashtra. The program helps especially the youth to adopt improved agricultural techniques, livestock management and implement small scale water harvesting methods. Our association with KonkanKrishiVidyapeeth has helped us to set up a model farm and training centre at Wada. In order to give a further boost to the initiative, our mobile rural camps have included specialized courses in agriculture and training women’s self-help groups in livelihoods.

You can get to know more about our current activities and success stories through our blogs and Facebook page. We look forward to your suggestions for improvement of our activities as well as our progress on digital media.

Finally, I would like to thank each one of you for your interest and support to our movement.
Kishor Kher
Yuva Parivartan Reaches Kashmir

In collaboration with the Indian Army, Yuva Parivartan held a camp at Dawar village in Kashmir from 21st May to 30th May 2012. Located 126 km from Srinagar, the village is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and because of heavy snowfall, the village remains cut off from the rest of the state for 6 months. In addition to that, the absence of electricity makes life even more difficult for the residents. By consulting the village Sarpanch, we decided that wireman course and program...Details

Empowering the inmates

At Yuva Parivartan, we believe in giving a second chance to the underprivileged youth and motivate them to lead meaningful lives. Our on-ground activities have expanded their horizons and we seek to rehabilitate the lives of prisoners and counsel them. One of such programs is Prison Rehabilitation Program at Yerwada Prison, Pune, that was aimed to provide skills for self-development. The courses offered under those programs were beautician, mehendi and nursing... Details

Round table conference

A movement to create opportunities for school dropouts and deprived youth to lead productive and socially useful lives, Yuva Parivartan recently supported and participated in the “Roundtable on skills for employability in South Asia”. The roundtable was a project by National University of Educational Planning and Administration (Ministry of HRD) for India, Bangladesh and Pakistan... Details
Changing Lives
Yuva Parivartan has tranformed the lives of hundreds of youth through vocational training programs. Here are some of the names
Born to a family of poor farmer, Bharat had to manage with just two meals in a day. After failing in 12th standard, he did not get support from his father and could not study further. He tried his hands on farming and labor work, which hardly provided any financial help to his family. With the dream to earn a living by learning some skill, he went to ITI College but was refused admission due to his financial situation. Details
Umavati Ganesh Doke lives in a joint family in Ghatkopar. After completing her SSC she started working as a beautician, but having a large family and in taking care of their needs she was unable to continue with her work. To cope up with the financial strain, she started looking for a job or a course that would help her earn some money. She joined KSWA's Entrepreneurship Development Programme which was sponsored by Tata Communication. Details
With the dream to start something on her own and be financially secure, Sulochana Chavan joined KSWA's Entrepreneurship Development Course sponsored by Joint Directorate Industries (DIC). A housewife and SSC pass out; she wanted to start something of her own that would contribute towards her family’s income. Details
Shining Star - Parvez
Parvez joined Yuva Parivartan to learn a skill and to become a professional. Coming to Mumbai from a village, the city life was his first brush with the English language. His interest in English was a necessity for him to aid himself financially. It was remarkable that not being connected to the language ever, he reposed his faith in himself and was determined to overcome the difficulties in learning English. He works in the day yet diligently comes to the English class in the afternoon and sincerely proceeds to his vocational training course at the center. Shy and quiet initially... Details
Our Initiative
The numerous interventions undertaken by Yuva Parivartan are aimed at transforming an aimless youth into a skilled and confident one and make that person an asset to the community. To gauge the socio-economic impact of YP interventions on self, family and community, we have introduced the Social Impact Assessment (SIA). With the use of appropriate tools, the exercise will help us to understand the development and change in society and culture.

By analysing, monitoring and managing, SIA will gather information on the intended and unintended social consequences of planned interventions. Through the understanding of such impacts, the planners and program executors can assess the benefits and costs of a proposed project.

Working with youth for many years, Pius Moras says, “Yuva Parivartan advocates a second chance for school dropouts whose future otherwise is bleak and stands out as a beacon of hope. Through our SIA analysis, YP can take a stock of the ground realities, innovate the programs extensively and contribute its bit towards nation building.”
Photo Gallery

A Street Play in action
To create awareness about the vocational training courses offered by Yuva Parivartan, a street play was organized on 14th May at Patel Nagar, Bandra.

Mrs. Elizabeth Milne getting warmly welcomed by Mrs. Mrinalini Kher and YP Staff
Mrs. Elizabeth Milne, wife of HSBC Country Head spoke to students and coordinators at Yuva Parivartan and showed her interest in contributing towards our cause.

Delegates from Common Purpose interacting with Coordinator and students
Members of Common Purpose, an international body that runs leadership development courses, visited our centre to get a better understanding of Yuva Parivartan and the work we do.
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Through years of working on the ground, we have realized that the problem with the school dropouts from underprivileged families is not only economic poverty but social poverty. By social poverty, we mean the absence of social support systems and the socio cultural atmosphere that positively impacts school dropouts to improving themselves. We at Yuva Parivartan have developed a model and identified 4 areas of work, which form the 4 pillars of the Yuva Parivartan model. Please feel free to forward this email to a friend. If you do not wish to receive future emails, or if you have received this message in error, please accept our apologies and simply click UNSUBSCRIBE to unsubscribe.

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