Yuva Parivartan Vol. 3, July 2012

Dear friends,
It is estimated that by 2020, around 325 million people in our country will reach working age, which will be the largest in the world. At the same time, looking at the current scenario where more than 80% of youth in the country have not completed school, it can be inferred that these youth unless given vocational skills will neither have enough competency to work as skilled labour to meet the growing needs of various industries, nor will they work as unskilled labour for more than a few years as casual labour before falling prey to an addiction leading to battered minds & bodies. This is the fate of the famed ‘population dividend’ & phenomenon where a young population contributing to the economy was to propel India to a developed economy in 20 years...Details


A housewife with education till 10th standard,Kavita always aspired to improve the financial condition of her family. When one of her acquaintances told her about Entrepreneurship Development Programme,she was very eager and enrolled for the course enthusiastically.....Details
Prison Project
As we are aware, our society does not accept criminals and it has been found that it is very difficult for inmates to integrate into main stream. The lure to earn fast & easy money pushes them to crime without imagining its consequences and impact on their personal and social life.....Details
Youth Career Initiative
YCI (Youth Career Initiative) is a project by IBLF (International Business Leaders Forum, UK) to benefit underprovided youth by providing life and work skills.After implementing the project successfully across countries like Brazil, Thailand,Costa Rica and Vietnam, IBLF has appointed KSWA.....Details

'Umeed Ke Rang', a project organized under Umeed Project (Plan India) in association with Yuva Parivartan and few other likeminded NGOs, is an initiative to increase awareness about child rights protection, education, vocational training and health. Reaching out to around 1800 families. ......Details

'Yuva Parivartan' is the largest N.G.O working in livelihoods for underprivileged youth!! To know more about us logon to www.yuvaparivartan.org

Through years of working on the ground, we have realized that the problem with the school dropouts from underprivileged families is not only economic poverty but social poverty. By social poverty, we mean the absence of social support systems and the socio cultural atmosphere that positively impacts school dropouts to improving themselves. We at Yuva Parivartan have developed a model and identified 4 areas of work, which form the 4 pillars of the Yuva Parivartan model. Please feel free to forward this email to a friend. If you do not wish to receive future emails, or if you have received this message in error, please accept our apologies and simply click Unsubscribe me from this list to unsubscribe.

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