Success Stories

I Think I Can Fly: RUHI JADHAV


After failing in her SSC exam, Ruhi Jadhav enrolled herself in a Beautician course in KSWA. After successfully completing her training, she started her own beauty parlour in her house where she provides Beauty and Hair Styling services, undertaking Bridal orders also.

High on determination, she successfully cleared her HSC exam with the generated income.

Little did she know that she would fly to USA to attend a two-day Inner City 100 Summit, held at Harvard University, Boston in 2008. She was selected by Merrill Lynch for the ‘Growing up CEO’ program. In the USA, she was exposed to some of the fastest growing companies in America. Along with the opportunity to develop mentor relationships with Inner City 100 winners, she also had access to world-class business education and advice.

Today, she is one of the proud individuals who has been benefited from the Yuva Parivartan movement.

Yes Ruhi, you can fly…



Bhoop Singh Mahavir Bajoria, 26, is a differently abled person. He failed in his SSC exams and was forced to stay home for three long years due to lack of guidance and motivation. However, Bhoop Singh took a three month Electrician's course in KSWA despite the lack of encouragement from his family, including his own father.

Even though he got a placement right away, his supervisor constantly discouraged him by saying –"an Electrician has to climb tall ladders, would you be able to do it?" Bhoop Singh did not lose heart and showed his employer how well he would perform any task entrusted to him on the job.

Now, Bhoop earns Rs.6, 000/- a month and is happy with his life. According to him, "Being persistent and believing in you is really what it takes to get higher in life." He thanks Yuva Parivartan for giving him the courage and confidence to succeed.

That's Bhoop Singh Mahavir Bajoria,a differently enabled person standing tall on his feet…

Have Skills Will Work: RIZWAN KHAN


Ever thought a painter could own two computer institutes and teach 200-300 students, at a young age of 22?

Well, that's the story of young Rizwan Khan. The youngest child in his family, from a poor family. Rizwan loves to paint and design. After finishing schooling, he got a job of painting roadside political hoardings. Soon, the hoardings were being designed using computer graphics, and were no longer done manually. Realizing the need of the hour he decided to study further.

He knew there was no future without some kind of education. He learnt basic computers on his own, by buying books and studying them at home. On learning about courses offered by Yuva Parivartan he joined the DTP course at Bandra.

Rizwan says, 'My life has changed completely after coming to Kherwadi, economically, financially, and for me as a person and how I am today. Today, I own two computer institutes, one in partnership and one of my own. Who would have thought I would be able to do that!'

He teaches DTP, Hardware, Software such as Corel, Photoshop, PageMaker etc at the two institutes. Apart from that Rizwan also designs flex banners. A Teacher and Designer…Rizwan Khan…

Beautician And Groomer: VAISHALI TAMBE


At 29, Vaishali is a perfect combination of hardwork, will, determination, and a dream come true. Having completed her HSC, she was always aware of the importance of education but lacked confidence and self determination.

Fascinated by aspects of personal grooming she wanted to do a beautician course, but her meagre financial conditions were becoming a constraint on her aspirations. So keeping her interests aside, she took up an ordinary accountant's job at a small firm.

She tried her level best to continue with her graduation studies but dropped out of college in the second year. But hope was on the way…

She then came across the Yuva Parivartan's Beautician course at Kherwadi. "All courses I had looked up were very expensive, I could not afford the same, but the Kherwadi course was affordable and I even got a concession, so I completed the course successfully in 2005. Then I assisted the teacher over here for a year, and perfected all the beauty techniques. I was very happy, as I was very keen on doing this. Today I teach two batches here, and take up assignments at home.

I earn well. I manage a minimum of Rs.6, 000 a month, and if I get good Bridal orders, I manage to earn about Rs 10,000"says a proud Vaishali. Vaishali even teaches 'Mehndi' here.

Fortune Waits At Doorstep: SANTOSH BHEKRE


Santosh Bhekre is a 29 year old who did a two month Business and a three-month English Speaking courses in KSWA in 2003. He lives with his parents, brothers and sisters some of which are married now. After graduating from KSWA he started his small catering business that was ruined due to the torrential floods in Mumbai. He then started giving Electrician's services on contract basis for homes and offices and has built a network of clients through these work contacts.

Currently, he has a real estate business in the Bandra area and has ventured into producing music albums with prominent singers. He has invested up to Rs.14 lakhs as capital for producing albums, out of which Rs.6 lakhs is his personal contribution. He plans to sell his album to T-series shortly.

In his own words, "Many people make fun of me, but I think I can be successful. Whether profit or loss, I don't get too elated with profit nor do I get depressed with my losses. Out of the ten things I do, I know at least two will be successful. Time is value for me". Santosh works fourteen hours a day and makes anywhere from Rs.10, 000 – Rs.12, 000/- a month.

He also performs regularly in Street Plays 'Nukkad Natak' with a group of friends. He did a play in Bombay Stock exchange, which was a great success. He also works with HIV patients and he believes in giving back his time to the community.

That is Santosh Bhekre …the never say die man…

On The Right Track: NAZMA


Nazma is a burqa clad young woman who lives in a poor district of Bhivandi. Born in a family of illiterate parents with three sisters and one brother she passed her HSC, then trained as a nurse, and was earning her own money. She wanted to study further to become a lab technician. Unfortunately, She was forced to marry a man under a pretext that he was educated and worked for a big company, so that her younger sister could get married.

However she found the bitter truth that her husband was mentally retarded. In fact when she was sent to her in-laws house as a bride nobody even spoke to her for three days so she did not know which one of the men was her husband. When she told her parents about her plight, they rebuked her by saying that her marriage cannot be reversed and she had to live with her group. Her in-laws would not allow her to go out or work...

Her husband worked as a daily wage labourer in a nearby textile place and earned around 100 rupees a day.

There is no concept of pocket money for her... If she needs something she has to keep quiet unless if it's something she really must have, she would have to ask her mother-in-law.



Bhagwan Laxman Dhangar is a young tribal from a tiny village outside Palshi near Nashik.

Born into an extremely poor family, Bhagwan was educated in the local village school. But once he had finished that basic schooling, he had no work to do, nothing to look forward to.

And had no means, other than minor farming to support himself and his family.

So every year he would take his entire family and migrate to the vineyards near Nashik. There he would work in the blazing sun, saving what he earned until he felt he had earned enough to last him for a while. Then he would trudge back to work on his own land. This became a pattern of his impoverished life for years.

But change was around the corner… One day he saw a pamphlet giving information about Yuva Parivartan in a very simple language. What attracted him was the advertisement for the Tailoring Course..

In his mind Bhagwan knew that 'Roti' (Food), 'Kapda' (Clothing) and 'Makaan' (Housing) were the three basic essential needs for any human being. Out of these three, his village had at least some means of getting food and housing but had absolutely no means of getting any clothing. So Bhagwan walked into the small Yuva Parivartan Centre in Palshi, to enrol in the course in Tailoring.

Today, Bhagwan is able to support his family and is gratefull to Y.P for helping create a livelihood fo him.

Inspiration To Survive: PANCHASHEELA


Panchasheela, at 22, is a creative and ambitious young woman. Living with her parents, brother and sister- in- law she graduated from KSWA's tailoring course in 2005. She had finished her SSC and was assisting a fashion designer for sometime while completing her tailoring course at Kherwadi. Then she decided to branch out on her own. For last two years she has managed to make a humble beginning in her business from her tiny home. Currently she employs two assistants and one Master tailor. She works 12-14 hrs a day and makes a notable profit of Rs.2,000/- to Rs.3,000/- per month. She had two machines and has purchased a couple of new sewing machines on installments.

She says,"Kherwadi is like my family. Yusuf sir was my idol. I came to Kherwadi through a friend but I have so many friends now ". She however adds "Whoever comes into this line learns ways to survive".

She wants to continue working with this business and then open up a designer boutique in the future. Panchasheela…a fashion designer of the future…

My Pursuit to Independence: LEENA BALU THAKRE


A teenage girl who worked as a house helper since the age of 16, Leena has come a long way. With no father figure and dire financial conditions, Leena was exposed to the crude side of life at a very early young stage. Having finished her SSC, she was forced to give up studies due to financial difficulties faced by her family as they lived under poor conditions.

As she had no other choice, She started assisting her mother who worked at peoples' houses, washing dishes and scrubbing floors. It was then, the Coordinator of Yuva Parivartan reached her house to motivate her to study and learn something. After many counselling sessions, Leena enroled onto the Tailoring Course and learnt the art of stitching. She also took advantage of the enabler Basic Computers course at the institute.

Today, she works in the local company named Pan Marketing firm and has a decent desk job. She earns about Rs.3,000/- a month because of her basic computer skills; as opposed to tedious labors of the past that hardly fetched her anything.

"I am more confident today, and can talk to people easily. I am more aware of what is happening around in society. I feel good that I am able to contribute to my family by earning a living" – says Leena

That's Leena…an executive of tomorrow…

Self Reliant: NISHA and SUMAN GUPTA


Nisha and Suman, two sisters, merely 18 and 16 years of age, hail from a family of eight members. The father runs the family from the meagre income from a flourmill that he owns. Residing in Arnala-Virar, Suman the eldest daughter is a school dropout after 7th, while the younger one Nisha has completed her SSC.

The financial condition of the family has been poor and the number of dependants, many. With the initiative of the Coordinator of the Vasai centre of Yuva Parivartan, the two sisters were motivated into enrolling for the Tailoring Course. The course fees were waived as a concession, as traveling to the centre was proving expensive.
suman Both the sisters completed the course and passed out in 2007. Today, Suman works as a salesgirl at a shop in Apla Bazaar Shopping Market. She earns up to Rs. 2,000/- a month.

While the younger one, Nisha, takes up tailoring orders and works from home and assists her dad in the flourmill. The financial condition of the Gupta family has improved since then and the course has helped them find means to earn a decent living. That's Nisha and Suman, teenage girls on the path of self-reliance…

A Family To Remember: REKHA DAGLE


Rekha worked in a household since the time she was young. She used to take care of kids in the house overlooking her own childhood. She stayed with the family and even worked in their company. In turn the family took care of her.

The prospect of a school education had always been a farfetched idea for Rekha. However, when she was about 18, the very family that she had served for so many years encouraged her and sent her for the Tailoring course at the Vasai centre of Yuva Parivartan.

She completed the course while keeping her job at the company. When she got married, Yuva Parivartan gifted her with a sewing machine. She takes stitching orders at home and earns about Rs.3,000/- a month; over and above her salary at the company.

'She has never gone to school, but Vocational training has helped her earn a living today.' Says her family with pride. A working mother and entrepreneur…that's Rekha Dagle…

Ordinary Extraordinary: SARITA BHARAT JADHAV


Sarita is like any other ordinary girl, that you will come across almost every day but will never really stop and notice. This is her story...

"I stay at Khar, with my parents, my brother and my sister. I had completed my tenth standard, did not think of studying any further and didn't think of enrolling into college at all. Much later I spoke to a friend of mine who was pursuing a Nursing Assistant course at Yuva Parivartan, Kherwadi, Bandra. That's when I thought that I, too, should do something on my own.

So, I approached the institute and enrolled myself for the course. I enjoyed the training and liked the KSWA people. Everyone was very helpful and supportive. After the course, interview skills were taught which help in getting a job.

The teachers at the institute came home and convinced me to work further and that if I did, I could achieve a lot for myself. " "And, I started working as a compounder with a local Vaidji. Today I work at Sujoy hospital, and have a respectable and dignified job. My parents are very supportive about my work and the path that I have chosen. They are proud of me. More than that, I am proud of myself. I feel free and independent that I can earn. I have realized that one cannot do without education. It's a must. So, I have even appeared for HSC this year. I even plan to study further".



Bhupinder is 27 years old. His father was a leather worker in Kherwadi. Right from his 6th grade he helped his father. He is skilled in making silver foils for sweets.

He would also collect hairs from salons and sell it to make artificial hair. He was very enterprising from his childhood and did many things including producing CD. He came to KSWA and took a business course.

He got a sales job with Reliance when mobile phones had just made a beginning and he did very well on the job. Even today, they call him if they need him for any sales calls.

This gave way to set up his event management business where he earns Rs. 15000 a month today. His enterprising ability and KSWA's business course transformed him into an able communicator at his job and he owes his success today to KSWA.

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