Late Shri B.G. KherKherwadi Social Welfare Association (KSWA) was founded in 1928 by Late Shri. B.G. Kher, a freedom fighter, statesman and the first Premier of Bombay State. He was moved by the plight and miserable living conditions of the 100 odd tanner families who had settled in the marshes of Bandra (E). While he was involved in the freedom struggle, leading two ministries in 1937 and 1946, interspersed with prison terms, his friends and associates started the Chamdewalla-ki-wadi in 1928 and continued to work in the area, which later came to be known as "Kherwadi".

The Trust was registered in 1955 and the Trustees and Executive Council have continued to follow the principles of service and commitment to help the poor and underprivileged and adhere to the high principles of simplicity, integrity and commitment set by the founder.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul KalamKherwadi Social Welfare Association started the Yuva Parivartan™ (YP) Movement in 1998 under the leadership of Mr. Kishor Kher and Mrs. Mrinalini Kher to cater to the unmotivated school dropouts and make them economically independent through vocational training. The movement was formally launched in February 2003 by the then President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam



1928: Kherwadi Social Welfare Association (KSWA) was founded by Late Shri. B.G.Kher.

1928 - 1955: KSWA developed Bandra East area and established basic amenities like Education, Health care, Infrastructure & Income Generation for the underprivileged.

1998: Mr. Kishor Kher & Mrs. Mrinalini Kher started Yuva Parivartan (YP), a movement, as a project of KSWA with its first centre in Bandra (East), Mumbai.

2002: YP’s first Outreach Centre in Jogeshwari, Mumbai.

2003: YP officially launched by the then President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

2006: YP started with the Prison Project for rehabilitation of youth in prisons.

2008: YP began sourcing and implementation of corporate and government projects. Also, ventured into training of farmers in best agricultural practices.

2009: Another crucial pillar of YP - Partnerships was introduced to work with like-minded NGOs and Institutes.

2010: An attitude change, values and life skills module was introduced called Soch Ka Parivartan.

2011: Camp Model was introduced to take the skill development courses to rural interiors and tribal belts.

2015: Blended Learning Module was introduced to embed technology enabled training along with conventional teaching methods in Livelihood Development Centres (LDCs).

2016: Appointed Livelihood (Placement) Coordinators across the country and established a Training & Organizational Development Department to standardise the training of over 700 staff across the country.

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